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Exploring the Future of Accelerating Change
	Stanford University
	Palo Alto, California
	September 12 - 14


Seeking Accelerating Change 2004?

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Thanks to all for an amazing 2003 event.

Sample ACC2003 Write-Ups:
"Intelligent Machines," James Gardner
"Debating Accelerating Change," Joel Orr

Speaker List (Partial)

To see our complete speaker list, click here.

Analysis Keynote
Ray Kurzweil

(via Teleportec's 3D Telepresence Lectern)
Kurzweil Technologies;
author of The Age of Spiritual Machines
  Action Keynote
Steve Jurvetson

Draper Fisher Jurvetson;
founding VC investor in Hotmail
Speculation Keynote
James N. Gardner

Complexity theorist;
author of Biocosm
  Plenary Address
Howard Bloom

(via teleconference)
New York University;
author of Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle
Plenary Address
Robert Wright

University of Pennsylvania;
author of Nonzero and The Moral Animal
  Analysis Breakout
K. Eric Drexler

Foresight Institute;
author of Engines of Creation and Nanosystems
Speculation Breakout
Greg Papadopoulos

Sun Microsystems;
executive VP and CTO
  Action Breakout
Tim O'Reilly

O'Reilly & Associates;
creator of the Emerging Technology Conference
Action Breakout
Christine Peterson

Foresight Institute;
author of Unbounding the Future
  Analysis Breakout
John R. Koza

Genetic Programming;
author of Genetic Programming IV
ACC2003 Emcee
Sonia Arrison

Director of Technology Studies, Pacific Research Institute (PRI)
  Speculation Breakout
William H. Calvin

Neurobiologist, Univ of Washington, Seattle; author of A Brain for All Seasons
ACC2003 Emcee
Alex Lightman

CEO, Charmed Technology; Chair, North American IPv6 Summits; author of Brave New Unwired World
  ACC2003 Emcee
Melanie Swan

Research Director of Telecom Economics, RHK, Inc.

A Special Message...

On September 12 to 14, the Acceleration Studies Foundation will host its first conference, Accelerating Change Conference 2003 (ACC2003). The only gathering of its type, ACC2003 offers a unique opportunity to become familiar with leading thinkers in the science, technology, business, and humanism of accelerating change.

What are the main benefits? Why should you attend? Click here for a special message from John Smart, ASF President.

Exploring Moore's Law

What will the world be like if Moore's Law continues to hold for another 30 years?

This key question will be addressed by Ray Kurzweil and other distinguished speakers and participants at ACC2003.

What are the accelerating trends in science and technology, and how will they impact business and society in the near term?



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